Sectoral Chatbot Solutions

Sectoral Chatbot Solutions

Chatbot solutions can be used in many different sectors for many different purposes. The starting point of Rabot Chatbot was to produce an innovative and entertaining Communication solution on Facebook for a brand’s advertising campaign. Rabot has gone much further than being a solution for advertising and communication campaigns today, and it benefits many sectors. In the sectoral chatbot solutions, the banking and finance sector came to the fore before. It has become available in almost all sectors today. It no longer tolerates long waiting times in reaching the service they want, whether they are consumers or customers. In addition, the processing time for transactions such as orders, payments, reservations and purchases has increased the satisfaction with Chatbots. Nevertheless, if we think about which sectors it will be most suitable for and which sectors it uses more, E-commerce, Health, Travel and Tourism sectors come to the fore except banking. Research shows that the sectors where Chatbots are used will increase in usage rates.

Chatbots in the E-Commerce Industry

In e-commerce, the companies that can meet customer needs and questions at any time can get advantage in the fastest and most accurate way. With these messages coming from different social channels and communication platforms, customers can easily ask for their cargo, orders and returns with Chatbots. Chatbots contribute to sales. In addition to making it easy for customers to find the product they are looking for, they can also offer them product or gift ideas. In addition, they can understand the buying behavior by examining the movements of customers with artificial intelligence and learning ability. With this information, they offer the right campaigns, products to the right customers at the right time. They send customers discount information or discount coupons and encourage them to buy.


Chatbots in the Healthcare Industry

Chatbots can be used in the Health Sector for different purposes besides speeding up processes such as making appointments. Patients can query x-ray and laboratory results from Chatbot. By preventing the loss of time spent on the phone, many transactions can be made with Chatbot. They also have the chance to inform patients about the various diseases, treatments and various aesthetic operations in the healthcare industry with Chatbots or to refer them to the relevant department on the website. They are able to reach customers who can deal with the issue in domestic and abroad, especially for hair transplantation, nose aesthetic operations, dental operations, etc., and respond to them in their own language. The future expectation in this sector is that Chatbot is able to diagnose patients to a certain extent by asking questions and reduces the workload of the doctor.

Chatbots in the Travel and Tourism Industry

The Travel and Tourism sectors are at the top of the dynamic sectors where there is intense competition and service quality is very important. All efforts to increase customer satisfaction can benefit companies. With Chatbot, it is possible to make alternative travel routes and make holiday suggestions by understanding the holiday expectations and needs of customers. The customer can manage all his processes on Chatbot. It is able to solve many processes with Chatbot, such as having a hotel reservation, buying tickets, canceling and updating, receiving complaints, answering questions about the facilities. The online tourism and travel market is growing day by day. Companies that use all digital platforms quickly and successfully increase the customer satisfaction and take a step forward.



Chatbots in the Banking and Finance Sector

Banking and finance are among the sectors where Chatbot started to be used primarily. With the digital transformation experienced in recent years, internet and mobile banking usage rates have increased very much. Today, Chatbots have started to be preferred instead of telephone banking, which is used frequently by customers. This trend not only saves customers time but also saves banks and financial institutions in terms of reducing costs. Customers have the opportunity to make many transactions such as sending money, receiving money, making payments, inquiring balance with Chatbot on digital platforms. Digital chat assistants save time by allowing customers to perform their transactions quickly and easily, while saving money by reducing the number of employees and reducing costs to banks and financial companies. It can also analyze customers' data and offer them special offers and products.

With artificial intelligence and natural language processing technology, Rabot can work on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Webchat, Instagram, Twitter, Skype, WeChat, Telegram, Slack, and all communications on digital channels can be gathered in a single point. In addition, Rabot can direct the communication to live support representatives at certain points with the live chat software that the sectors we mentioned will also need. It has the feature of directing the calls to live support on certain issues that it cannot answer or pre-selected, at the request of the customer who corresponds with the Bot, or on certain days and times. It can provide live support service from the Rabot panel or the chat software they use. All necessary integrations and developments are made by our company.