Chatbot Messaging and Management Panel

Chatbot Messaging and Management Panel

Rabot messaging and management panel collects many messaging platforms, social media, web chat under one roof. All communications of Chatbot are logged, followed and analyzed with the Rabot panel.


Messages from WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram, Webchat, Twitter, Skype, WeChat, Telegram, Slack are gathered in one way in this way. The fact that all correspondence can be read on the panel gives the companies an advantage. Contact information such as phone, email shared by customers can be recorded.

All chatbot improvements about Rabot are done by you. Chatbot chat scenarios are prepared if the expectations from Chatbot are clarified and the necessary cargo, payment, inquiry etc. integrations are made.


In cases where Rabot cannot respond, Rabot Messaging and management panel comes into play. If the company does not have live support staff, the customer can forward their requests by phone or email at the point where they can not get a response from Rabot. If the firm has customer representatives for live support, the customer correspondence with Chatbot falls to the management panel at the point where no response is received from the Bot. The eligible customer representative can receive live support requests from the customer. Customer representatives can see from which channel the correspondence came from. Upon request, it is also possible to direct the calls that Chatbot cannot answer to the relevant customer representatives. Representatives can direct their conversations with customers to another customer representative when they need it.

Chatbot Reporting Feature

Rabot, advanced reporting support, which platform, how much communication request has been successfully answered with Rabot, how many live support team can be seen. In addition, it can be reported in many meaningful data management panels as to how many customer support requests of the employees in the live support team have responded daily. By analyzing Rabot's messaging with customers, we can analyze what matters he has succeeded and what matters he needs to improve.

If Chatbot, which provides 24/7 support, is directed to live support at the point where it cannot respond, but the employee is not online at the moment, the system automatically creates a "Ticket" related to customer demand. It shares the customer question or request and Contact information. This message falls into the “Ticket” section in the administration panel. Online, customer representatives can view and respond to these tickets from the system.

With the Rabot messaging and management panel, the messaging archive can be easily accessed. In this way, if there is a problem or disagreement in the conversations with customers, these records can be used. The customer representative who made the interview can be held responsible for the interview he made.

Agent and authority definitions can be made on the Chatbot administration panel. The roles of customer representatives and online or offline situations can be seen from the panel when they log out of the system. In case of need, additional developments can be made on the panel side to meet customer demands.