Chatbot Integrations

Chatbot Integrations

Today, the social media platforms that companies use to maintain and improve their communication with their customers have also started to be used as marketing tools. As direct communication can be provided, the importance of accessing existing and potential customers with these platforms is increasing day by day. Chatbots have started to be preferred to understand consumer habits, improve their experience and increase their satisfaction in these platforms. Rabot has numerous messaging platforms and the ability to integrate social media messaging tools. It can also serve on websites and mobile applications. Rabot can be installed on-premise, and many platforms can be integrated quickly and easily.

Rabot has the ability to work with API or Business APIs that it provides to its platforms such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Webchat, Twitter, Skype, WeChat, Telegram, Slack.

Integration with cargo companies for querying cargo on Chatbot, service integrations with e-commerce sites for inquiring campaigns, products or orders on e-commerce sites. We have briefly mentioned below the integrations and benefits that can be achieved with chatbot on the web and social media.


Website Chatbots

Chatbot integrations and usage are quite common on websites. Many companies use live messaging software to help their customers. They aim to benefit by including Chatbot in the live messaging software. Chatbots working on the sites can do many things that live support employees can do. The main ones are to meet the customers entering the site, to answer frequently asked questions, to make an appointment, to make a reservation.

Being able to communicate with your customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, it can increase sales and also increase sales. With a properly designed chatbot, they can fully understand customer needs and direct customers to the right product on the site. However, Chatbots will be able to respond within certain limits, as it is a live chat solution that has been thought in advance. They can refer to the live support representative at the point where they cannot respond. Rabot allows the management panels and customer representatives to step in and chat directly on issues that chatbot cannot respond to.


Facebook Messenger Chatbots

Contrary to the fact that Facebook Messenger Chatbots are on the web, it not only answers and informs users’ questions, but can send messages directly to the customer who interacted once. Therefore, he is involved in social media marketing processes of many brands.

Facebook Messenger Chatbots can be very effective in sending messages to interactive customers and directing them to sales. Before you decide to use Chatbot on Facebook Messenger, you need to look at your customer behavior. If your customers do not communicate with your company on Facebook, if you do not have a large Facebook audience, it will not be a true investment. If you have a digital marketing project that you have planned for Facebook, it will be correct to include Chatbot in your project.

You will need to determine in advance what chatbot will serve on your Facebook page, what needs your customers will meet, how customers will experience, and what Chatbot integrations will be made. In this you need to write a Chatbot script. You will need to determine exactly whether the bot will provide customers with information about new products, direct them to the site for purchase. You should definitely clarify these issues before getting Chatbot service. When customers do not get the answer they want, they will want to ask their questions directly to the live support representative. Chatbot should then be able to direct the customer to live support. If there is no live support team, they can share a contact number or email with customers. Rabot features live messaging software with web panels. In questions that he / she cannot answer, it leads to the customer representative.