Chatbot in the Healthcare Industry

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  • May 31, 2021
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Chatbot in the Healthcare Industry

How to make an effective, reliable and safe technology replacing the hospital manager, health advisor, self-care coach or aged care provider?

Healthcare, which is one of the vital areas of human life, lags behind technological progress. While the e-commerce or food industry has been developed and enhanced with a variety of technological solutions, healthcare is still the way to do traditional things.

Why you can order a pizza in ten seconds, but you have to wait for an appointment with a doctor for days and weeks? How can you be sure that emergency medical care is really urgent? Why is it so frustrating to find a reliable answer to an important question about your health?

I am also deeply concerned about the lack of attention that the healthcare industry receives. The first and easiest solution I can suggest to change this is to apply Chatbot technology to health software. Health chats never replace doctors. However, they provide many opportunities to facilitate their work or improve their performance.

What is Chatbot for in the Health Sector?

Chatbot as Hospital Manager

Planning appointments and answering typical questions is what most healthcare professionals spend their days doing. Repeating the same words and actions is neither productive nor really necessary. This type of work can be easily accomplished by Chatbot, which can collect user requests, plan doctor visits, and answer simple questions. Your patients will say “thank you” for the opportunity to process their demands without extra effort. They won’t have to go to a hospital or even make a call to solve a simple problem. They open a mobile or web application and submit their questions. Chatbots can be used to remind patients of an upcoming appointment or regular check-up, gather feedback, check their health, or advertise a health service. Meanwhile, your healthcare professionals can spend time caring for patients, rather than going through an unnecessary routine.

Chatbot as a Health Consultant

It is natural to worry about your health. Every day, people have many questions, both big and small, about their health. It will be especially useful if you have a healthcare provider with all the answers in your pocket. Do you say there is Google? No, it’s not actually. There are too many websites with questionable reliability, it’s better not to trust them with your health problems. Instead, you should get a healthcare Chatbot. It will be especially indispensable for people with chronic health problems such as diabetes and asthma.

Chatbot as a Self Care Coach

It is difficult to discipline yourself, but there is hope. Chatbots can be used to count calories, track the amount of water you consume, and keep track of exercise or sleep routine. They can recommend healthy recipes, remind you of the need to take pills, or recommend seeing a doctor. Finally, Chatbots can send inspiring and motivational quotes to increase one’s mood and self-esteem. A Chatbot does not replace medical care, but it can easily become a personal holistic personal care coach.

Chatbot as an Aged Care Provider

It can be difficult to imagine an old person messaging a Chatbot. And there is no need for this. Your elderly patients can speak to an audible personal healthcare assistant and process any answers or requests. Voice application development is almost no different from the development of a normal Chatbot. The procedure is almost the same and the difficulties are quite similar. This is how you can target an additional patient segment without extra effort. Your application can be useful not only for older patients, but also for people with visual or movement impairments.