Facebook Messenger Chatbot

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  • May 29, 2021
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Facebook Messenger Chatbot

One of the biggest reasons why so many companies develop mobile applications for their businesses is that they see it as another version of their website. They didn’t take the time to investigate how being on a mobile device would change how their customers wanted to interact with their company.

Some requests are not suitable for mobile devices. As a result, many applications are not used. When considering a use case for Facebook Messenger, you need to make sure that you think of it from the perspective of the customer or user, not from the perspective of the company. Perhaps you need a way to increase their interest after your client first discovers your website or content and comes back to learn more.

Why Use Facebook Messenger Chatbot?

Surely you have heard of artificial intelligence. And this is a kind of artificial intelligence. The native language interface is common in most Chatbot, but Facebook made it easy to create a smart Chatbot by offering the Messenger Platform and providing developer tools like the Chatbot engine.

Sharing Your Knowledge Base

Speaking traditionally, a knowledge base is a section of your website that regulates all the resources and information a customer will need to correctly learn and solve problems with your product. And sometimes, these knowledge bases can be cumbersome or difficult to investigate. Facebook Messenger Chatbot is a way to better educate customers who have questions about your product.

Diversification of Service Lines

If your customer service team has more incoming requests than they can meet, it may be because they just picked them up on the phone. Live Chatbots can respond to more requests, reduce phone call volume, and allow service and support representatives to answer more questions at the same time.

Sharing Questions in the Customer Service Team

If your customer service employees need a better way to share their questions with each other, the right Facebook Messenger Chatbot can help more employees help to solve problems faster.

Retaining E-commerce Customers During Payment

You suffer from “abandoned shopping carts” on your e-commerce website and you need a way to retain customers who may have problems during the checkout process.

Is your audience on Facebook?

This question is often rejected very quickly by companies that see Facebook as a purely social platform, not for businesses. Even if your audience is not currently using Facebook for their business needs, you should start by determining whether the Facebook marketing potential is there.

If you have an audience that uses Facebook extensively in their personal lives, they will adopt Messenger as a means of communication. How they use Messenger can go beyond using Facebook. Today, the use of messaging apps has actually outdone those of social networks. And as new use cases emerge, the behavior develops with them.

Can you support questions from Messenger?

If you cannot support it, do not open a channel of communication with your potential customers and existing customers. Even with a Chatbot automation, you will need to take time to do three important things:

  • Promoting your Chatbot
  • Identify questions that the chatbot cannot answer
  • To follow the overall customer experience you created with Chatbot

If you want to manage the above three items in the best way and want a perfect Facebook Messenger Chabot, you can contact Ranna immediately. You can combine Messenger Platform features such as message templates, persistent menu, built-in NLP (Natural Language Processing) and more to create intuitive and personalized experiences. Each plan contains an architectural diagram, code snippets and a step-by-step implementation guide. There is a benefit to set off early in this area. As a new and open platform, Facebook Messenger needs thoughtful and strategic Ranna to grow and shape your business.