Chatbot at Universities

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  • May 28, 2021
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Chatbot at Universities

Artificial intelligence-supported chatbots help universities by offering more effective and efficient support for candidates and new students. The development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) has proven advantageous for various sectors in recent years. AI is a branch of computer science where the program is created in such a way that it can absorb external data, learn from it, and use learning to achieve a specific task and goal.

Nowadays, a Chatbot can be easily applied to almost any area we know, and the university is a good example of where we can apply a chatbot to assist candidates during the application process and recruitment.

However, why do universities need Chatbot for the internal management process? Here are a few reasons why the university should implement a Chatbot as a service to students:

  • The rise of social media and messaging apps: Social media and messaging app technology has changed the way we communicate for the past 15 years. In order for the university to help new students, the university needs to adapt to existing technology, where young people tend to use social media and messaging apps to interact with each other.
  • Lack of updated information: Finding information about admission to the university can be tiring and time consuming for candidates. Sometimes, the information is not even informed on the university website, which makes the admissions process even more difficult (and even worse, prevents applicants from submitting applications).
  • Real-time exchange on the university website is not effective: Although the university website is the main source of login information, it is unrealistic to change information according to the needs of students (and candidates). Using official social media is a more reasonable way to update information, or better yet, to use Chatbot.

Using Chatbot, the fast service, the difficulty of waiting for the real person to provide online service can be significantly reduced. In many cases, after the applicants have started sending the first question via live chat, one should wait a minute before they actually reach them. Chatbot will respond to applicants in real time, no matter how busy your office is.

It will increase the satisfaction of applicants and new students with personalized messaging. Bots can personalize every message sent. Each applicant has different needs and features. A well-developed Chatbot can respond to each thread with personalized content. This personalized content will increase applicants’ satisfaction and secure more student enrollments.

It is important for universities to reduce labor costs. When the university decides to set up a live support department, there is a lot to be prepared. One of the most important things in the live support department is that the university needs to hire people to support these applicants and new students online. Chatbots significantly reduce their hiring costs after they are deployed to handle all incoming questions and messages at once. You can scale your support team using a Chatbot to resolve unlimited requests.

Chatbot is multi-purpose. It describes the “established” knowledge and talent behind a Chatbot. At first, the university can only aim to assist new students in the application process and the new participation process, but as time goes on, the university can develop new skills without the need for another Chatbot. This means that the same chat bot guiding applicants and new students can also be used to inform exams, scholarships, e-learning services and more.

It always works. Unlike online live support, bots are not tied to things like working hours. A Chatbot runs 24/7. So if perspective or new students need to chat at 3am or weekend, Chatbot will gladly answer all your questions and messages. Chatbot will also work even if the entire campus is on vacation. Chatbot can handle high traffic. The most common problem when using live chat support (with a real human representative) is that applicants or new students should wait until they get someone to help them. This is mostly due to a limited number of human agents compared to the number of incoming messages. This worsens during busy times when the number of incoming chats is very high. It is important that the university make sure that they have placed Chatbot on a skilled infrastructure.